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Welcome to Word-Chef

Word-Chef is designed to engage your customers by playing a game which motivates them to know your establishment better.

We build customized interactive online puzzles and fill them with clues that require the user to read and review your menu. You choose the items you want to draw their attention to, we build the clues around your choices and fill the rest of the puzzles with cuisine related clues.  We offer a variety of customizable puzzles from “Word Find” to “Jigsaw” puzzles “Crossword Puzzles”, “Matching Games” and more.

Your customers simply scan a unique QR Code which will bring them to a dedicated landing page for your puzzles. They enjoy the interactive puzzles online and get to know your menu better.  Then by offering a reward or having a raffle for entering their contact information you are growing your marketing list.

It’s more than a game.

Word-Chef is more than just a game. It is a strategic tool to enable you to provide increased customer engagement, create a buzz around your menu, achieve increased check averages and return customers.

Word-Chef is a persuasive design focused on influencing behavior in a positive way. Getting regular customers to “try something new” can be a challenge. Creating repeat customers is the key to any business’ success. Word-Chef is one way to meet these challenges.

By using Word-Chef you can improve awareness of your offerings and see an increase in check averages as the players learn about something new that you offer and decide to try them. You can provide a reason to return to claim a reward. You can also reach out to them in the future with new games, offers or specials.

Our Menu


At its basic Word-Chef will provide your customers with an activity that will keep them occupied while they wait for their meal.


Bring them back
By offering a raffle or a reward for successful completion and submission of your puzzle you can create a return customer.


Ongoing Communication
Behind the game, Word-Chef compiles the players information for you to be able to reach out to in the future to promote your business.

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