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“We are a quick casual restaurant that serves incredible Hawaiian style poke in a cool environment that transports you from the everyday to that surf shack on the beach.”

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Send Your Taste Buds to Hawaii

Island Fin Poke was established in 2016 by Mark and Paul. The duo had a dream to create a quick, casual restaurant that serves incredible Hawaiian-style poke, served in a cool-casual environment, transporting you from every day to a surf shack on the beach. From their homemade sauces, 25 toppings, and sustainably sourced fish, you will be tasting the flavors of the islands.

“Poke was one of the hottest menu segments before the COVID-19 pandemic, and consumer demand clearly hasn’t slowed,” says Sam Oches, editorial director of Food News Media. “That may explain why Island Fin was so successful even in the midst of an unprecedented crisis. With a nutritious-yet-delicious menu that offers a food adventure when real adventure seems impossible, Island Fin has emerged as one of only a handful of poke brands that stand a real shot at national growth.”

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