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Our Story

Hat Creek Burger Company is a dream of founder Drew Gressett that started in 2008. Giving it his everything, he opened a food trailer serving up amazing burgers, fries, and shakes. The rest is history!

If you know anything about Austin, you know it didn’t draw the short straw with food trucks and trailers, but our desire to serve mouthwatering perfection and never cut corners quickly set us apart from the crowd. It’s all about simplicity. Fresh, never frozen beef served on freshly baked buns with fresh veggies. Over time additional items were added to the menu to satisfy the whole family as well as homemade sauces to top everything off.

After serving thousands of burgers from our beloved food trailer, we moved into the legendary Burnet Road location to bring our delicious foodstuffs to the masses. Soon enough, we were catering events all over town, and in 2011 opened our flagship location in West Lake Hills. We were not only growing in reach but also in concept. Now, with three children, Drew’s focus on quality and serving the whole family was taken to the next level. Friendly and helpful service became our top priority (second only to food quality), play yards were added, and the fast-casual, family-friendly burger patio was born.

Our mission is to provide fellowship and fresh cheeseburgers to all who come in contact with Hat Creek, and our goal is to become the best fast-casual, family-friendly restaurant in the country. We have an entire team of professionals dedicated to making your visit the best it can possibly be. As we grow, these three things will never change: Hat Creek will always be a place for good food, good friends, and good fun. It’s that simple.

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