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We hope you enjoyed our puzzles and found some new items in our menu you may want to try on your next visit. You can find some more generic puzzles in the menu at the top of this screen.

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Your New Favorite Spot

FM Kitchen and Bar is your favorite neighborhood bar and restaurant located in the heart of Houston’s Washington and Rice Military area. Customers can enjoy the famous food and cocktail pairings. The chic interior design along with expansive dog-friendly patios prominent at each location, create a comfortable and vibrant atmosphere perfect for large groups, happy hours and private events.

“Houstonia” (May 2021): For those who get anxiety just looking at those heat levels when ordering a chicken sandwich, FM makes it easy. No levels. Just order the spicy fried chicken sandwich and experience moderate, manageable heat. The skin—crispier than with most sandwiches—is infused with just a hint of chili pepper spice, and a couple of pickled jalapeños and chipotle aioli offer some (but not too much) bite. Lettuce and tomato help cool things down, and it’s all on a soft potato bun. This is the perfect starter hot chicken sandwich.

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